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    haha, what?
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    Yep. Sexist idiot, and hugely uneducated. Communication and understanding of maths and science are based on stereotypes...
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    Whoever made this is a sexist idiot.
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    It terrifies me that some people are even allowed near such dangerous hormones.
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    I was going to say, “WTF?” "Men are better at math and science" is a STEREOTYPE. Testosterone does not change any of...
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    i just — i just — what i guess i’d better go change my life goals now since my understanding of science is automatically...
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    Oh damn I’ve got a hard math test coming up, better start my testosterone treatment!
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    every time I inject I get a PhD in STEM fields TRUFAX no word of a lie >.>
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    what the actual genuine fuck is this meant to mean mate, I can assure you that if anything, my communication has...
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    Lol I love the no body hair and I apparently defy the odds with my knowledge of math and science hahahaha thanks Kieran
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